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  • EaseSoft Barcode ASP.NET Web Server Control and .NET Windows Form Control ( 1 de 3.5

    EASESOFT BARCODCE CONTROL INTRODUCTION EaseSoft Barcode Control has .Net Windows Form Control for windows application and ASP.NET Web Server Control
  • Neodeck Tool Tip Control 1.0

    You can use Neodeck Software Tool Tip control for displaying interactive help to your users. It looks like the XP tool tip and allows you to
  • Parental Control Tool

    Parental Control Tool is a powerful security utility that allows you to restrict access to Windows important resources. This easy-to-use utility helps
  • JoystickCursor Control Tool 1.0

    This tool maps the movement of the first joystick onto thecursor keys (up,down,left,right) as well as other keys. Up to 10 keys can be assigned.Great
  • Levers of Control Software Tool 2.0

    Levers of Control Framework Software Tool Ana Levers of Control Framework Software Tool Analysis (Strategic Analysis,
  • GFI Control Systems Diagnostic Tool 2.7.9

    GFI Control Systems, a business unit of Fuel Systems Solutions , is the leading supplier to the alternative fuels industry with more than 35 years of
  • Symantec Support Tool ActiveX Control Cl 1.0.1

    This tool is designed to address the issue as described in Symantec Security Advisory SYM06-019. What the tool does The Symantec Support Tool
  • PC-control 2.2

    Control user access to PCs. Remotely view network activity. Track usage time of every PC in your network, cost can be associated. Time log will let
  • GSM Control

    GSM Control is a all-in-one software solution that will incorporate usage of all your mobile's features and take it to the higher level. In order to
  • Net Control 2 10.1

    Net Control 2 is a classroom management software, was specially designed for educational environment, k-12, schools, colleges, universities,
  • Control for XP 3.0

    Is the unique set of XP utilities. More than 100 additional possibilities Control XP “ is widening of your Windows XP function possibilities. Total
  • Win Control 2004

    With Win Control you can not only define the access rights each of your users should have, you can also protect the Windows Desktop from unauthorized
  • Key Control 2006

    Keep your assets under control. At a glance you will know which employees have been assigned assets. Generate reports, document when items are
  • CRC .NET control 1.2

    CRC .NET control is the checksum library for .NET developers.The library, especially written on .NET framework, provides exact and fast calculations
  • HY-Control 1.1

    Using HY-Control you can take advantage of controlling multiple Windows-PCs by only using one keyboard/mouse. When you need to operate on several
  • .Net Tab Control 3.0.4115

    Sofgroup .Net Tab Control is a fast, small, lightweight and enhanced version of standard .Net Tab Control that implements unsupported behaviours and
  • Tab Control 0.4.1

    A simple to use addono for Firefox. Take control of your tabs with the Tab Control Firefox extension! Purposely lightweight extension. Main features:-
  • CPU-Control 1

    The handy software utility CPU-Control is designed for handling the CPU-affinity for multicore-systems. It supports working in both automatic and
  • Control Web 1.0

    This program has ability to control Enabled Web and then it Starts the IIS, WWW, and FTP services. When you finish the services, it Stops the IIS,
  • COM-Control 2.2

    To test and control communication on serial port 'COM-Control is used. One can transfer all kinds of values (special signs such as ENQ, NAK, AK and
  • K2 Control 2012.4.14

    Java-based interface for K2. Java-based interface for K2. K2 Control was specially created as an interface for the K2. K2 Control was built with
  • DLL Control 1.0

    WinLicense DLL Control is a special plugin for WinLicense which allows taking full control of the protected application through a custom DLL.
  • You Control 1.8 beta 1

    Mac OS X is more powerful than ever, and so are you. You create movies. Stunning photographs. Your kids school newsletter. You receive more email than
  • AMR Control

    AMR Control is included free-of-charge with all ALMEMO measuring instruments. The software enables users to program devices and connectors quickly and
  • EX-F1 Control

    Control of your EX-F1 camera from a computer. The EX-F1 camera must be connected to the computer with the USB cable that comes with the camera.It also
  • Cam Control

    Cam Control allows the user to remote control a Nikon DSLR digital camera from a personal computer. The Nikon D60 has no exposure bracketing built in
  • Fan Control 1.2

    Now you can save your system from any big danger by using handy software utility Fan control. It is used for the adjustment of fan speed according
  • FTP Control 4.5

    1. Design - FTP Control Now features an entirely new layout and structuring to the program. The display panes are now customizable setting up the
  • LAN-Control 11.55

    LAN-Control is a must-have control solution for cyber cafes, internet cafes, and gaming centers. State of the art security, point of sale, timing,
  • Take Control beta

    Take Control is a multi-utility package that combines several popular tools into a single package. It includes a virtual Desktop Manager that allows
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  • Prog Finder 64bit 2.27

    Prog Finder - Ex. Prog satellite Finder. Simple and completely free the utility capable considerably to help with adjustment of the satellite dish or Terristeral antenna. Features: 1. Calculation of azimuth and
  • Prog Finder 2.27

    Prog Finder - Ex. Prog satellite Finder. Simple and completely free the utility capable considerably to help with adjustment of the satellite dish or Terristeral antenna. Features: 1. Calculation of azimuth and
  • iRCommander

    Take control of your home entertainment and wireless electronics as never before with iRCommander right from your PC! Now you can control your TV, VCR, DVD, CD player, stereo tuner, cable box, satellite system. Any
  • Yahoo Satellite Maps Downloader 6.196

    Download and combine Yahoo satellite maps Yahoo satellite Maps Downloader is a tool that can automatically download Yahoo satellite maps small tile satellite images and then combine them into one big map image. It
  • Professional Computer Control

    If it is a headache for you to prevent your data from theft thought USB drive, CD/DVD or other, prohibit viruses' invading through some peripheral devices, keep your private files secret and safe, prohibit running some
  • Satellite Image Browser 2.0

    satellite Image Browser is a Mac OS X satellite imaging application that can display and print satellite images of various geographic locations throughout the United States of America by address or zip code.
  • Orbit Visualization Tool 2.3

    The Orbit Visualization tool (OVT) is a software for visualization of satellite orbits in the Earth's magnetic field. The program can display satellite orbits in five coordinate systems (GEI, GEO, GSM, SMC, GSE),
  • DreamBoxTools

    DreamBoxtools - a program for tuning your DreamBox satellite receiver. control your receiver right from the computer. Features:- Lyngsat-to-Dreambox transponders parser. Update satellites.xml directly from the site
  • TRX-Manager 4.6.1

    Following are the key features of handy software TRX-Manager: it lets you control remote HF station by packet, Internet or a LAN; it supports functions of up to 80 transceivers that are fully integrated in a
  • Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader 7.61

    Now you can easily get the small tile satellite images from Microsoft VirtualEarth by using this handy Microsoft VirtualEarth satellite Downloader tool. It saves the all downloaded images on disk and allows you to use
  • VB OCX Tools 1.5

    File control, Web tools control, String control, Encryptioncontrol, GButton control, SnapScreen control all rool in to
  • akTabStrip 1.0

    akTabStrip if a very small and lightweight tab strip control which looks identical to the TabCtl32 control used in VB. This tabstrip control is not a container control itself, but requires you to use frame controls. But
  • Satellite Image Download

    Brings you satellite images of the earth. satellite Image Download brings you, right on your desktop, satellite images of the earth. Browse download images with the viewimage tool provided. Combine images into a
  • Satscape 10.07.03 Beta

    This is all about a satellite Tracking Program that can ideally be used by Radio amateurs, educational institutes and astronomers. It has highly accurate SGP4 equations and has ability of nearest second satellite pass
  • Aviosoft DTV Player Pro

    Aviosoft DTV Player Pro launched to be a convenient as well as professional tool that puts you in complete control for your TV entertainment. Now you can easily surf, watch and record TV via remote control or a
  • CodeMeter Control Center 4.30.498.502

    CodeMeter control Center is used to control the CodeMeter service and enter passwords (only if required).The CodeMeter control Center offers several configuration options via the menu bar and the three major categories.
  • 12 in 1 Sonic Suite Bundle Group Edition 1.0

    12 in 1 Bundled Sonic Suite offers 12 sonic tools in 1 Suite. It lets you improve and modify your applications professionally. The activation code will be sent by email after purchasing it and you will be then able to
  • VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader 3.112

    Microsoft VirtualEarth satellite Downloader is a cute tool that help you to get small tile satellite images from Microsoft VirtualEarth. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by
  • SatHunter

    SatHunter is easy-to-use program that is used for calculating the orientation of a satellite antenna and for finding the signal from a satellite. It has all information for adjusting the satellite antenna to the
  • Logitech Z Cinema 1.00.013

    The software that enables SRS TruSurround HD providing you an immersive surround-sound experience with just two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The software that enables SRS TruSurround HD providing you an
  • sat-universe Toolbar 6.5

    Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Stay connected and get so much more - with the sat-universe toolbar. Search for tv guides, satellite receivers,dreambox images, satellite tv forums, hdtv
  • WOW ActiveX Control 1.00

    The Web On Windows (WOW) control is an ActiveX control that hosts the Microsoft webbrowser control. WOW enhances the webbrowser control in several important ways that are essential for effective webbrowser control
  • CCRP Pager 1.03.021

    The CCRP Pager control allows the scrolling of a contained (Buddy) control. This is the control used by Internet Explorer 4 to scroll toolbars when they are too big to fit on the screen. Features (VB6 compile): Buddy
  • SofaControl 2.9.4

    Sofa control is a software that allows you to control other applications with the Apple Remote control or the Keyspan RF Remote for FrontRow. ?The Remote control provides six separate buttons. With these six buttons you
  • Neodeck Tool Tip Control 1.0

    You can use Neodeck Software tool Tip control for displaying interactive help to your users. It looks like the XP tool tip and allows you to program the control to do whatever you
  • WPF Control Verifier 0.1

    WPF control Verifier is a tool that verifies the correctness of WPF controls. This tool is geared towards WPF control developers with the goal of providing a set of verifications that all controls can run and consume.
  • Internet Satellite TV and Radio Player 2150

    Orbatel satellite PC TV/Radio Player - Add, delete, or edit channels on your custom media player. Orbatel satellite PC TV Player is the hottest, sleekest, new satellite TV player for your PC. Factory pre-loaded with
  • TopoSurv 1.0.1

    TopoSurv is a management system for field data, an application to ArcGIS.TopoSurv imports and calculates survey- and satellite data to ArcGIS database and is a plug-in to ArcGIS. With TopoSurv do you import survey and
  • Nexuz Neo 1.00

    Nexuz Neo is a standalone Windows console program to gather common used utilities in command line operating environment, it replaced legacy Nexuz Obfuscator with additional functions. The software consists of the
  • mgWindow Plus - Mouse Gesture Window Controller

    mgWindow Plus is an advanced version of mgWindow, a tool helps you quickly control your computer with mouse gestures. mgWindow Plus can control any windows which can be accessed by hotkeys. For example, you can use