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  • CodeMeter Control Center 4.30.498.502

    CodeMeter control Center is used to control the CodeMeter service and enter passwords (only if required).The CodeMeter control Center offers several configuration options via the menu bar and the three major categories.
  • VPN-X

    The usage of VPN-X gives you a lot of benefits but its major benefit I that it allows you to convert the internet into secure LAN. Its major features are it allows employees to use the resources of company for everyday
  • FlexView ActiveX Control 1.0

    FlexView control combines look and feel of well known Windows 95 list and Tree View Common controls. A major feature of the FlexView control is its ability to display a hierarchical outline for two dimensional source
  • Rudolf R3 3.5.10

    Rudolf R3 is an electronic control unit for control and monitoring of diesel engines used as propulsion engines. Rudolf R3's main features are: -Flexible and configurable diesel engine control unit; -Certified by major
  • GdTwain PRO OCX 1.0.2

    The handy GdTwain Program gives you full control over the process of image acquisition as well as allows you to display the resultant image in High Quality Viewer control. Its major features are you can use it for
  • CST Gauge ActiveX Control 3.6

    CST Gauge ActiveX control 3.6 takes you much convenience! The Gauge control is a multi-purpose, highly customizable graphic control which can be designed for slider or linear gauge interface. It provides a powerful
  • Magic Remote Control PCspy 2004

    Magic Remote control PCspy 2004 is a powerful and easy to use tool which is developed to give you a professional way to remote control pcspy is a powerful remote control software. It allows you to control and monitor
  • LAUNCHcastaway Remote Control 1.0.0

    LAUNCHcastaway Remote control allows you to control your LAUNCHcastaway player from a different computer, whether you're in another room or away from home, as long as the computer running LAUNCHcastaway is connected to
  • b-Wall XP Firewall Control 2.5.059

    b-Wall XP Firewall control 2.5.059 improves control over Windows XP firewall and gets access to its hidden abilities. Protect your Games and 32/64-bit applications from internet threats. major Features: Using all the
  • RBSDesigner 1.0

    RBSDesigner was developed to computationally design synthetic ribosome binding sites (RBS) to control gene expression levels. Generally transcription processes are the major target for gene expression control, however,
  • HomeSeer HS2 2.5.20

    HomeSeer HS2 is an advanced home automation and remote access software package that is designed to integrate the major systems of any home. With HomeSeer, you can control and monitor lighting, appliances, security,
  • Virtual Temperature Control 1.0

    Virtual Temperature control (VTC) is a powerful learning/teaching tool that demonstrates the major concepts of automatic control systems. This user friendly software is a virtual experiment where the user controls the
  • 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 for iPhone 1.0

    Supported by MLBPA, this AWESOME full-featured baseball game is exactly what all of you baseball fans have been looking for! Key Features - Play with all 30 major League teams and 800+ actual major Leaguers with the
  • Officers 1.0

    The full of fight game Officers keeps you busy for long time. In this game, you are taking control of the armies of US and British for defeating the Axis menace. The major features of game are as follow: with thus game,
  • ReefCon 2000 1.0

    ReefCon 2000 1.0 provides you a powerful tool which can monitor and log maintenance and quality control for your aquariums. ReefCon is the next evolution in Aquarium control and Logging Software.It offers multi-tank
  • Vista Media Center TCP/IP Controller

    Monitor state and control Windows Vista Media Center (and extenders) through a standard TCP/IP socket port Vista Media Center TCP/IP controller was designed to provide a way to monitor state and control Windows Vista
  • CD Drive Tool 3.0

    Now you can control your CD Rom Drives from the system tray with multilingual CD Drive tool. Its major features are it is very easy to use and allows you to control up to seven real or virtual drives; its usage enables
  • CardCheck Active component 1.2

    Add Credit Card Verification with this easy to use ActiveX control. CardCheck supports all major
  • Allenatore-Italian Football Manager II 1.0

    Soccer manager game for the PC. Take control of a soccer (football) team in the Italian leagues. Make team selections, tactical decisions, transfers, financial control and all the day to day operations of a major soccer
  • VB OCX Tools 1.5

    File control, Web Tools control, String control, Encryptioncontrol, GButton control, SnapScreen control all rool in to
  • ActiveGanttCSA Scheduler Control 2.8.0

    Web Server control compiled and built with Microsoft C# 2002 (100% managed code). Available in .Net Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. Completely compatible with Visual Studio 2002, 2003 and 2005. Can be used with any .Net
  • Visual Guitar Standard 2.1

    See all the major Scales and Modes in Full Color down the PaGE below. Play the visual guitar. Click on any note on the guitar or musical staff. Use it to learn the notes, learn sight reading, analyze any scale or chord.
  • Oven Fresh Browser Master 2.7

    Now protect your HTML web page content from unauthorized viewing and theft. Disable unwanted features in major browsers and gain more control over your web site content. Have No Back Button, No Drag and Drop, No Image
  • Gravitybox Schedule 5.3

    You can use this handy ActiveX control for making custom schedules. Its major features are it is capable of handling any number of appointments by using color-coded categories; you can use it for displaying number of
  • akTabStrip 1.0

    akTabStrip if a very small and lightweight tab strip control which looks identical to the TabCtl32 control used in VB. This tabstrip control is not a container control itself, but requires you to use frame controls. But
  • Maestro Property Editor 4.10

    Maestro Property Editor is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use property browsing tool. Maestro Property Editor supports all major features that are known from the property browsers used in Borland Delphi(R) or the
  • Sonix 1.0

    A single stream quasi synchronous granulator buffers your given audio input for releasing it in the discrete grains. Its major features are it manipulates your sound further by using analog filter; it has easy to use
  • Life Manager Pro Mac 5.2

    Organizes your life so that you can get things done in a productive way. Life Manager Pro is a unique implementation of the Getting Things Done approach to managing your life that will transform the way you lead your
  • Enterprise Management Development Editio 1.01

    enterprise management development edition is On-Demand Business Software Quick development Platform. It provide secondary development, you may custom menu, custom module, custom control, custom field, custom expressions
  • Professional Computer Control

    If it is a headache for you to prevent your data from theft thought USB drive, CD/DVD or other, prohibit viruses' invading through some peripheral devices, keep your private files secret and safe, prohibit running some